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42 Lamps

Fellow lamp lovers, join me on Lamp Day

An exhibition of lamps and related artworks

Mark it in your diary, Lamp Day, 10th December 2021.

Join me at my second solo exhibition of lamps and artwork - to be opened by Prof. Juan Sirrah, prominent lampologist. Then take something beautiful home for Christmas. Bring cash or cards.

I look forward to seeing you in my home.

John Harris - Barrel Lamps

42 Lamps

An exhibition of lamps and related artworks

Friday 10th December 2021

5:30pm onwards

3A Boon Street, Willagee, 6156

0421 676 137

Three Barrel Lamps.

#1 Sun Falling : Hand drawn, colored and cut - with core. #2 Gumnuts : laser drawn, cut then painted - with core. #3 Dragonfly Dance : Laser drawn, then ink stamped.

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