Night Bridge

Night Bridge

Made in three dimensions, this innovation is brimming with complex light. An inner core refracts colors behind a lattice of paper. Red over blue - green behind red - this lamp dares to be different. A lamp within a lamp. Segmented with black pen, pencil or stamped. Turn it on in a dark room . . . now it's a time machine - everything stops - look at me! I'm beautiful. Select your core colors at no extra cost.


Design JJHarris - Night Bridge #1  © : 200mm x 505mm

  • Laser cut lattice, segmented with black pen and stamped.

  • Australian 240W electric mechanism

    3w LED globe

    1.5 metre cord with ON/OFF switcher.

    Plywood base with three legs and plywood top cap. 

    Postage paid in Australia additional AUD$3

Core colour