Humble Fly

Humble Fly

A fly lamp - why not? It may be at the bottom of the food chain, but a fly is adept. It can walk upside-down on the ceiling and is packed with high-tech gadgets like compound eyes, a gyroscope and hairy legs that can taste. Birds eat them in abundance. There are thousands and thousands of reasons to have your own fly lamp. Take a closer look at Humble Fly. It's easy on the eye.

Design JJHarris - Humble Fly © : 200mm x 505mm.

  • Hand stamped barrel and then tipped with red pencil wings

  • Australian 240W electric mechanism

    3w LED globe

    1.5 metre cord with ON/OFF switcher.

    Plywood base with three legs and plywood top cap. 

    Postage paid in Australia additional AUD$30.00