New York Street

Light in the city.

Picture an apartment overlooking the Hudson River- it's all soft light inside and all glittery in the street below.  This is a lamp for a city that never sleeps. Colors so warm you want to go to bed with it. 'New Yorker' magazine and this lamp are made of each other.  This is a family of lamps to choose from - choose your own colors on this classic design. Talk to John.

Design JJHarris - New York Street #1 © : 200mm x 505mm / Design JJHarris - New York Street #2 © : 200mm x 505mm / Design JJHarris - New York Street #3 © : 200mm x 505mm

AUD $350.


New York Street used a number of application. This design can be cut and be used with a core. Talk to the artist John, and we can come with your own  New York Street. New York Street comes with a choice of globes of cores. You can also upgrade your lamp with a GRID smart globe which adjusts brightness and infinite colors.


Includes plywood base and top cap

240W mechanism, one metre cord with ON/OFF switcher

A choice of 3W lamps (green, yellow, red, clear)


Upgrade to a GRID smart globe ($24.)

Select cores and globes


During  July we are offering FREE POSTAGE within Australia. Your lamp comes with a sturdy box for safe shipment.  No installation required.

Happy Lampers

My new psychedelic lamp reminds me of something made of pure toffee.  Everyone loves it.

Bill Stoddart - Wellington NZ