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Humble Fly

food for thought.

A fly lamp - why not? It may be at the bottom of the food chain, but a fly is adept. It can walk upside-down on the ceiling and is packed with high-tech gadgets like compound eyes, a gyroscope and hairy legs that can taste. Birds eat them in abundance. There are thousands and thousands of reasons to have your own fly lamp. Take a closer look at Humble Fly. It's easy on the eye.

(Design JJHarris - Humble Fly © : 200mm x 505mm).

AUD $350.



Humble Fly is laser drawn, ink stamped and tipped with pencil. Your Humble Fly comes with a choice of globes but you can upgrade your lamp with a GRID smart globe which adjusts brightness for infinite colours.


  • Hand stamped barrel and then tipped with red pencil wings

  • Includes plywood base and top cap

  • 240W mechanism, one metre cord with ON/OFF switcher

  • A choice of 3W lamps (green, yellow, red, clear)



During  July we are offering FREE POSTAGE within Australia. Your lamp comes with a sturdy box for safe shipment.  No installation required.


Happy Lampers

My new psychedelic lamp reminds me of something made of pure toffee.  Everyone loves it.

Bill Stoddart - Wellington NZ