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Out of the studio and into the world at last. Here's a selection of Barrel Lamps on display at the Heathcote Cultural Centre yesterday. Open studio coming soon.

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Friends - I’m delighted to announce that the lights are on in my new purpose-built studio in Willagee. High ceilings, display shelves, and oodles of natural light make this a happy place to make and display my lamps. You have an open invitation to drop by and see how Barrel Lamps are created. Visit my website and join my mailing list. The studio is now open for business. Because if you have a sole, you need a lamp.


John Harris

Congratulations to Matthew Keogh, the first lamp-lover to ever shop online with Nice choice Matt, Dragonfly Dance. Your lamp will be posted this week. Thanks to Joe Van Zanten for including Barrel Lamps in the Lust List (West Australian - 3/7/21). Finally, special appreciation to Daniel Hoffman, Wix genius.

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